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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March 2nd Day 3

Like clockwork, my tent lit up as it did the night before which again startled me. It was as though the abandoned whaling station had come to life as their nite lights were switched on. But this was not so. My orange tent became a glow and from a peek outside, my head drenched in snow and rain in the process, I discovered who was the culprit. It was the moon, full as pie and lit up the entire flurry of activity on the beach. I have recently discovered that bathing happens in the early evenin, the fur seals twist and turn like a cork screw whilst afloat in the shallows. Wow it was a noisey night as mums returned from foraging at sea calling out to thier young ones, and the young ones calling back.

I woke up to snow, the pebbles and rocks like a patch work quilt and my tent now blending in with the mountains, snow-capped scene behind me.

Finally the communications between me and the NH have been sorted, we have discovered that there is a delay when sending and reciving emails and text messages by phone. so my ETA's and their weather text are coming in late so we all have to slow down a little and make certain we are in contact with each other.

Soon they will be able to move from their anchorage and be a little closer perhaps in VHF radio range. The weather needs to change for that to happen and it looks as though it may be turning to the SW.

Having spoken to ship staff from the two ships that have come into my vicinity - it seems as though I have done a Shackleton - chosen the wrong summer to come and do this expedition. Scott McPhail whom I have worked with for many years said to me, that yesterday was the worst weather he has every operated in while driving zodiacs in over the 13 yrs he's been doing it.

The wind howled last nite and twice I went out in search of even biggger boulders to put on pre-exisitng boulders, the gusts made my hair curl and I wouldn't be surprised that by the time I get to a mirror, a few extra greys may be there. Watch out Elephant seals, I'll be tying me and my kayak to them if the wind gets any stronger. I'm loving my hot dinners, deliciously tasty and instant, gourmet meals in a bag - Harvest Foodworks you rock!

So, likely I will see what the weather brings tomorrow and pack up and be prepared to leave. At least I can poke my head around the outside and see how it looks, I can always retreat and set up camp again if it's a no go. Patience is the key, and plans well thought through is the only way to go. From us here at Windy bay, the Furries and I wish you well. Hayls xo


Kerry said...

Windy Bay is a great name. Hope your kayak is sea worthy. When do you get back in your Necky kayak? When I run and get tired, I think of you and it always makes me run further, so thanks. Love from the warmer climes.

DGF said...

From your descripition I can almost visulize the old whaling station. The full moon with a little snow on the ground must have been a great sight, I am sure it would have been more enjoyable with out the strong winds. Having seals sing you sleep would have to be better then listening to the hussle and bussle of city life while trying to sleep.

The bad weather can't last forever and hopfully you can get started again soon.

dad shep said...

watching closely hope you can proceed soon love from us all

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