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Monday, March 01, 2010

1500 Arrived Leith Harbor

Feb 28 – Day 1

1030 Departed King Edward Point (yay)
1500 Arrived Leith Harbor
Nautical Miles covered approx 15nm
Camping at S54 08.867 and W36 41,152

March 1st (what happened to February?) - Day 2

Strong N-NW winds started late last night giving my tent an opportunity to be tested for toughness and waterproofing. The gusts deformed my tent for minutes at a time and during those moments, I held my breath. Preparing for this blow, I loaded my semi empty kayak with boulders and connected it to my tent. This way, we all go if the wind gets strong enough – gear, the kayak and me. And I thought being on the open ocean is intense at times!

The following morning we had an hour of sun so charged my battery with the solar panel and charged the quickly dis-charging camera batteries. The cold plays havoc on any battery out here. I made a hot Harvest Foodworks Lunch (yummy sweet and sour delight) and filmed young Elephant seals bathing along the shore right from the shelter of my tent. As soon as there was a break in the weather I dashed out for a walk and was startled when I saw a pair of antlers waiting for me as I rose the slope to look down on the whaling station. Oh, that's right, there are Reindeer on South Georgia, put here for meat and game during the whaling years.

Although I'm not on the move today and perhaps won't be for another two days, I'm happy to be here – in the elements, watching what this weather system does to the place. Nature needs patience and I've had a lot of practice with patience lately. You will notice that I am keeping these entries a little brief as my power is fairly limited in these neck of the woods. Cheers and thanks, Hayls


Kerry said...

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Hang in.

DGF said...

Hopefully the next couple of days will be gentler on you and your gear. Good to see you finally got started.

Anonymous said...

"Nature needs patience and I've had a lot of practice with patience lately".
NO $#@% !

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Go Hayley. Goodonya mate!

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