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South Georgia Kayak Expedition

Adventurer Hayley Shephard sets out on January 2010 to attempt the very first solo sea kayak journey around the Sub Antarctic island of South Georgia.

South Georgia is an exceptionally isolated, storm-torn island which stands ultimately alone in the middle of the Southern Ocean between South America and Antarctica.

Hayley’s goal for this challenging journey is to create public awareness for the devastating decline in Albatross populations due to outdated techniques used in the long line fishing industry. This expedition represents a true exploration into the heart of nature at its most extreme vs. one very determined woman with a worthy cause.

About The Albatross

Albatross are amongst the largest of flying birds.

Only a single egg is laid, the chick once hatched begins an entire year of growing before it can fly.

During this time, the monogamous parents take turns making epic foraging flights.

An Albatross tracked by satellite over 71 days from its breeding site, traveled 33,000km in a single foraging flight

Once fledged the juvenile will spend its first 5-7 years at sea, not once touching land, and only to return to the nesting site where it was born after reaching sexual maturity.

Of the 21 Albatross species recognized by the IUCN, 19 are threatened and 2 species are critically endangered.

Commercial long-line fishing is the greatest threat as albatrosses are attracted to the baited lines and become hooked and drown.

An estimated 100,000 Albatross per year are killed in this fashion. Illegal fisheries exacerbate the problem.

The Expedition

Hayley will access South Georgia by a grueling 7 to 10 day open ocean crossing onboard the sailing support vessel Northanger.

Departing from Ushuaia, Argentina, she will land at King Edward Point on the East coast of South Georgia Island and begin her incredible kayak journey.

Hayley anticipates the kayak expedition will take 4 weeks, and perhaps longer due to the stormy conditions she will often have to face.

The circumnavigation of South Georgia is approximately a 490 nautical mile journey. There will be days where Hayley will spend up to 12 hours in her kayak utilizing infrequent good weather windows.

South Georgia

Approximately 171 km by 29 km, this glaciated island is clad with rugged peaks reaching to 2,934m.

The treacherous seas surrounding South Georgia are a chilly 2˚C throughout the year due to the proximity of the Antarctic Current where icebergs are common. Fearless animals generously congregate on the few accessible beaches, taking shelter from the savage winds.

About Hayley

Hayley was the first woman to paddle alone around the rugged and exposed coast of Queen Charlotte Islands as well as Vancouver Island.

She has over 9 years experience leading expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica. She has gained profound knowledge and passion for the Polar Regions, developing an immense care and interest in the wildlife.

Hayley has a thorough approach to risk management, her expedition planning is meticulous with attention to detail, and she has the skills and experience to undertake this challenging journey.

Her intelligent and calculated approach to risk assessment characterized her previous two successful solo expeditions.

Film and Media

Following the expedition, Hayley’s journey will be showcased in a documentary film, a series of multi-media presentations as well as magazine and newspaper articles.

Their aim is to share her unique experiences and to educate and inform the public on the Albatross situation.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Currently Hayley is fundraising to pay for the mandatory support vessel which was one of the requirements established by the British Government. The support vessel is the Northanger, owned and skippered by the very experienced Greg Landreth and Keri Pashuk.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Please contact her for information on how to contribute to this unrepeatable expedition or visit her website to make a donation.

Contact Details

Cell: 250-974-8143

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