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Presentation Tour - A Beautiful Burden

Confirmed Bookings are as follows:

January 10
- Smithville Ontario - College Street Elementary School, 10.40am and 1.30pm
- Toronto Ontario - Toronto Ornithological Club, 7.30pm

January 17
- Niagara Ontario - Niagara College, 1.30pm

January 18
- St Catherines Ontario - St Catherines Collegiate Secondary School, 1.30pm

January 26
- Glynn A Green Public School, 2.00pm

February 15
- Vancouver B.C - Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, 7.30pm

March 11th
- Victoria, B.C - Young Auditorium (Young building, Rm 216) Camosun College Lansdowne Campus, 7.30pm - 9.30pm

"Hayley Shephard recently spoke to our nature club and members are still talking about the evening, saying it was one of our best presentations ever. Her descriptions of the albatross life cycle and vulnerability to natural and man-made dangers were reinforced with dramatic, vivid photographs that totally held our attention. The epic story of the South Georgia Expedition was as much about courage and perseverance as it was about kayaking Antartic waters amid curious penguins and elephant seals. Afterwards, a chain reaction of other groups also wanting presentations. Highly recommended."

Win Laar, Past President, Niagara Falls Nature Club

"Hayley's stunning photos and storytelling abilities captivated my students. We all walked out feeling as though we just went on an adventure with the albatross! And best of all, the kids were left feeling like they too, could make a difference".

Thanks, Hayley! Tara Darling, Parent and teacher, Niagara

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