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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

March 3rd, Day 4th, 5.56 pm local time

March 3rd, Day 4th, 5.56 pm local time

Stromness Bay - S54 08.409 and W36 38.766

Woke to kayak, beach, tent drenched in snow, gorgeous against the blue sky and mountainous back drop, fresh snow on all the peaks.

Fierice katabatic winds screamed out of every harbour here in stromness Bay, white caps galore and willy wars (spelling), literally water being lfited from the sea and shoved forward at a great speed.

I was able to get wind and sea state on outside from passing ship, they said minimum swell and light winds. There was a break in the katabatics in the afternoon so I thought.... why not move camp so I can have a better view of outside, that way I am not trapped in here unable to get through the katabatic chaos while it's calm on the outer coast.

Alot of work to paddle an hour and gain - oh perhaps 1.5 miles. Hey it kept me warm and busy and getting used to putting up tend with chilly hands.

The katabatics came up while I breifly paddled, had to cling tight on to my paddle and watch every wind wave to see what it would do to my kayak. I was still in protected waters so controlled but had a wildness to it. I poked my bow and nose on the outside, a little lumpy and strong whips of wind all the way along. I need to wait for these SW winds too die down before I can make more ground.

K, gotta go - batteries running low. Alls well, just the usual torment and tease of South Georgia.


Kerry said...

I am reminded of a quote by one of your followers: Even the snails made it to the ark. (or something like that)Little by little, you will make your way around and eventually arrive at your destination. Hang tough! Love reading your descriptions. I feel like I am there. And I am in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Hayles - not sure if you are getting these posts. Some okay wx heading your way in a couple days. There is agood campsite inside Antarctic Bay
if you can only do little hops. It was our Camp 2 but not on normal maps. Just stay patient and you'll see the line when the time is right - be on it! Grum

DGF said...

another great description of your area.
It must be hard to be patient when you are so close, but there is always tomorrow.

Be carefull and stay safe.

steve said...

Hi hayley, this is great what your doing, when your experiencing not so good times remember the reasons why your doing it, and there not really tough times but different contrasts to enjoy.
stay safe. x


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