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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Houston, we have Liftoff!

Guess what?.. I have a sunburnt nose. Guess why?...coz I forget to put sunscreen on while I PADDLED ALL DAY IN THE SUN....yipppeeee!!! I am on my way, I have begun, the expedition has started.

At 10.30 I departed from KEP and had a fabulous send off by Northanger crew and staff from KEP. They all gathered watching me pack, curious as to how I was going to fit ALL THAT STUFF in my kayak. But I did and fully loaded and heavy it truely is. Mexican waves and cheers and whistles could be heard as I paddled away from shore, heading North out of East Cumberland Bay.

Calm seas, 1-2 metre glassy swell, little wind, Fur seals following, Albatross circled above my head and the sounds of South Georgia kept me company all day. By 3pm, I landed on the shores of Leith Harbour and have set up camp 500+ metres away from the abandoned whaling station in a lovely bay.

-For 10 years I have been dreaming of this moment, for 3 solid years planning and preparing for it. I am here, kayaking, camping alone in south Georgia and it is absolutely fabulous. I feel at home out here, watching carefully the sea, the weather, the terrain, wildlife, constantly examining my location, understanding it and watching carefully for sudden changes. I have obstacles, challenges and glorious moments ahead. Thank you for helping make it happen. You know who you are! It is far from a solo journey, for there has been assistance, help, advice, support, others peoples hard work and interest that has got me here, and you are with me, and I am grateful.

Here's to you, South Georgia and this journey is for the Albatross.


Cowboygrrl said...

WhoHoo! Will be watching your progress.

Helge Helligsøe said...

Great Hayley, finally on your way - take care.
We will be watching you! From Denmark too...

Best regards Helge

Anonymous said...

Good luck from Australia

Kerry said...

A quote for the journey:

Others have been here before me, and I walk in their footsteps. The books I have read were composed by generations of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, teachers and disciples. I am the sum of their experiences, their quests. So are you.
Elie Wiesel

God speed Hayley.

Anonymous said...

Lift off!!!

An epic moment!

Maureen said...

Hooray, Hayley! Gold medal! (Sorry we are all recovering from the Olympics up here, which just ended.) Sleep well, take care of yourself, and we're thinking of you.


steve said...

Congratulations Hayley, good luck, with you all the way. great quote from kerry.

Anonymous said...

Your determination and strength is inspiring to witness. Go forward with all our love Hayley.

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