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Friday, January 29, 2010

A letter from Fernanda, Our new found friend in Ushuaia

The world needs such brave and special people like you. I admire their strength and intelligence. The Albatross is waiting for you.....!, is going to protect you and fulfill your goal.  It's incredible.  I am grateful to know you both and wait to hear news about this great adventure.  It's been a wonderful sharing time and all the energy of the universe is going to be with you....I assure you!!
Thank you so much!
Fernanada, Ushuaia, Argentina 2010!

Beth-Anne and I are sincerely grateful for the warm, generous and friendly hospitality of Alicia, Ana and Fernanda.  Thank you for welcoming us in your gorgeous home on the hill.  You are sweet, special Chicas....Muchas Gracias!

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