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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last night in Ushuaia

Hi,'s January 28th, Thursday afternoon and we are still in Ushuaia.  We have been reminded that schedules, itineraries are only an 'idea'.....a 'plan A' which often changes.  And those of you who have traveled with me to the Polar regions by ship you will be familiar with my often used saying - "Plan B ends up being Better".

Our departure has been delayed by weather, a stiff SE easterly which is right on the nose as you head to open ocean.  This delay has created an opportunity to fine tune our communications system, my terribly slow computer was completely gutted, a new operating program installed and now it works like a charm.
We are hoping to pull away from the dock with all provisions onboard and safely stowed by mid-day tomorrow Jan 29th.
We will stop at Puerta William, Chile which we pass while transiting the Beagle Channel.  There we'll fill up with fresh water and then be on our way.

I definitely feel more than ready to begin our journey, leaving South America behind and to be finally bound for South Georgia.  Although it has been on my mind constantly and my days, weeks and months have been dictated by South Georgia, the island itself has been in the far distance, out of reach but the scenes and sights of this magnificent place have constantly lingered in my mind.
From now on I will be sending these blog entries by satelite phone using my wee computer and Dean will be posting them from Alert Bay. 
Wahooo!  Here we Go! Now lets get er done!


Kerry said...

anxious for you to get started too! and back home safely!! lol

Narama said...

Save all that weather karma when you need it most! Warm hugs from Heidi and Stephen.

Barbara said...

You go girl!
Barb etc at Knight Inlet Office

Anonymous said...

A wise woman once taught me to thoroughly and joyfully embrace Plan B--and I found it IS often Better!!!
Hang in there girl--what's 24 hours after 3 years?!

Sarah said...

WaHoooo! Go girls! Thinking of you!

Shearwater said...

Seabird biologist and kayaker here from Vancouver. Eagerly following your progress and blog updates. This is amazing. I wish you all the best -- keep up the good work. :)

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