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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello everyone,
Hayley was supposed to be setting sail on the 28th from Ushuia, but as we all know, things dont always go as planned. When preparing for such an adventure, things are bound to come up which set things back. I talked to Hayls on Friday evening of the 28th via Skype and she was feeling like a sprinter poised at the starting blocks waiting for the gun to signal. So after a few false starts  and a gun jam here and there she was feeling rather frustrated. She understands that it goes with the territory though.
I havent heard from her since then, so i am making the assumption that she has set sail even lthough there hasnt been any movement on the map (ill be checking in on that). So the next phase of this journey has begun, and i am feeling the nervous excitement building. Hopefully i will receive an audio message from her soon to share with you all, letting us know where she is.

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