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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan 13th - 9 days to go

Kids and Kayaking
It's been a world wind of activity over the past few days:
-I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit the two schools here in Alert Bay and share my adventure with the local kids. I had a life-sized Wandering Albatross to display the 12 ft wingspan, a heavy 1 week food bag showing my freeze-dried provisions, and I even wore my Kokatat kayaking attire throughout the entire presentation. I hope I experience warmth like that in South Georgia :)
-Yesterday I loaded my kayak with all the gear I intend to take and guess what?
It all fits! (Phew) A tight fit but a fit which is what matters. It was actually quite nice to paddle a loaded boat and experience the extra stability the weight offered, and my waterline could still be seen, another important discovery.
-The co-ordinates for my intended campsites, emergency landing sites, Capes and Points I have to round were put into my GPS.
and finally.....
-My new MSR Fury tent now stands beautifully in my backyard with all lines attached. It's been raining ever since so it is definitely getting waterproof tested.
-Tomorrow I intend to spend about 7 hours in my kayak, getting a few errands done in near by Port McNeil and to see how my seat feels after that length of time, or should I say bum.
Thanks for your interest. I'll keep keeping ya posted. Cheerio, Hayley

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