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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan 10th - 12 Days to Go!

Surfs Up Yep! Never thought I'd score surf in the Inside Passage right below the main street of Alert Bay. A Gale from the SE and a flooding current steepened the seas rather nicely. And so out I popped in my Necky 'Jive' river boat and played a little. All in an afternoon of 'serious stuff' training. -My rainy sunday was spent putting co-ordinates into my GPS of all intended camp sites, back-up landing sites and Capes and Points to pass. (Didn't get on the water today so an hour of rowing at the gym was squeezed in) -Handy Dean came up with a fabulously secure way of mounting my compass. -Found out my Sony CX500 camcorder allows me only 3 seconds of slow motion filming and it has no time lapse feature - bummer! -Back in Victoria, Gerald whose planning my going away shin-dig informed me that 30 dear friends have why does the thought of my going away party give me a churney tummy?
Yep, it is drawing nearer to departure time and I was thankful with todays task (chart Plotting). It brings me back to the reality of the actual expedition. The chart work, finding a safe and protected landing site, soaking in the joys and beauties of being in such a gorgeously beautiful place - the expedition itself.
One can get too bogged down with 'Things to do' lists, one can forget why one is indulging in such an expedition.

Photo by Brandon Harvey

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