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Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 17th - 5 days until departure

My Final Weekend in Alert Bay What a treat to have glorious winter sun for my final weekend in Alert Bay. It made things slightly warmer than expected even when upside down (rolling practice once again) in the somewhat frigid waters of Northern Vancouver Island. -I spent Saturday morning with the Young Naturalist club who ventured from all corners of the North Island to partake in a presentation about my up coming adventure and to learn about the Albatross and the what is happening to the world populations. What a keen, interested and caring group of kids whom had so many wonderful questions and fantastic ideas as to how they can help save the Albatross. -I am very grateful for the donations that have recently arrived. I am thankful to be able to add: $1500, $50, $50, $40, $100, $25 and $50 to the total donations so far which is - $8984.10 I sincerely appreciate your encouragement, support and interest. -I was back upside down in my sea kayak, however this time it was fully loaded with all the gear I intend to take, as well as the gadgets that will be placed on kayak deck. We caught some of this training on film and soon will have a clip for you to take a peek at on Youtube - stand by for that. -Finally, it's been a while since I've had to cook for myself. My dear friends here in Alert Bay have organized dinner parties and evening get-to-gethers as an opportunity to say 'bon voyage', 'safe travels and paddles' etc. It's been a pleasure to enjoy an evening meal surrounded by good people who have supported me from the get-go! There is a part of me that is eager to get going and begin this big adventure and along with that is the natural feeling of apprehension. I can definitely say that it finally feels like it is real, it is really happening! I am leaving for South America. I will be boarding a 54ft sailboat and sailing to South Georgia in what could be huge, treachorous seas. And I am about to Kayak Alone around South Georgia Island! Ahhh, I literally get goosebumps when I say that out-loud. Here is my calender of events: Jan 20th Wednesday 17:55 - I depart Alert Bay by ferry then drive down to Victoria Jan 21st Thursday day - Shopping for final items Thursday evening - BBQ send off at my dear friend Geralds house Jan 22nd Friday 1200 - Beth-Anne and I depart for South America Jan 23rd Saturday - Arrive Buenos Aries and spend one night Jan 24th Sunday - Arrive Ushuaia and head down to the Northanger to meet the owners and crew of my support vessel Jan 25th - 28th - Prepare Northanger and continue training and prepping of gear (putting my tent up in horrendous winds). Jan 28th - Depart Ushuaia Bound for South Georgia Feb 6/7th - Arrive South Georgia, clear customs, go through safety and environmental protocols while expeditioning around South Georgia. Feb 7/8th - Begin my kayak circumnavigation of South Georgia Island! Wahoo!


Cowboygrrl said...

WOW! I only dream of expeditions, even little ones. You are incredible and an inspiration. Thank you for your dedication. I'll be following your every step. Great pics too.

Matt Pope said...

Best of luck Hayley! Be safe and know that we're all thinking about you every step of the way!

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