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Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan 7th - 15 days to go

Storm force winds approaching Northern Vancouver Island January 7th Today has been an indoor day: -Putting together my First Aid and Repair kits. -Packing all gear in drybags ready for loading my Necky IV kayak tomorrow -I finally had success downloading all video footage onto my external hardrives using my wee EeePC as a portal. -And now with my new watch sussed, I can watch the barometer plummet as this storm approaches over the weekend. I had a doctors visit today, wanting to get all checked out after recovering slowly from having the H1N1 bug. -Bloodtests came out normal - Yahoo! -Chest is clear - Nice one -Coughing somewhat subsided Yay! and....... -Found out that the medicine which I was prescribed on my last visit (which cost $140.00) gave me a throat infection, which is now on the mend - Weird.
And so it continues

Photo by Robin Quirk, Alert Bay


eauciel said...

Are you planning a practice paddle in the storm?

Oceanmaid Ventures said...

Ive been paddling againt headwinds 3-4 foot chop everyday...(not bad for the inside passage eh?)

Kerry said...

Thanks for the video. You are one brave adventurer.

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