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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hayley Has Set Sail!!

Jan 31st - We are about to head out into open water and face the Drake Passage which has gained the reputation of being one of the most treacherous open ocean crossings in the world.

The Northanger and all those aboard finally departed Ushuaia in the early afternoon, about 2.30pm, January 30th. We had a wonderful send off as our dear friends, Alicia and Ana gathered on the dock along with the owners of other sailboats whom has been our neighbors for a week or so.

The lines were cast, the fenders were tied onboard and with Keri and myself in the cockpit, we steered the boat away from the dock in a South Easterly direction. The wind had dropped offering us a glassy Beagle Channel to begin this rather significant part of the journey. Every minute, every mile and every day from now on is bringing us closer to South Georgia. The journey has truely begun.

Throughout the afternoon, Magellanic Penguins drifted by, Cormorants soared in the distance needing very little wind to fly, unlike the Albatross, and for the first time Beth-Anne and I were able to enjoy the scenes and sites of this passage. When working on the ships, this is the time where new passengers have recently boarded and there is lots to do. We often don't get a chance to enjoy this passage.
On the Northanger everyone suddenly relaxed, Keri baked cookies, Magnus read, Beth-Anne and I filmed and Greg made sure our tea cups were full.

25 nautical miles later we arrived in Port William (Puerta William) , a Chilean port where we needed to fill our water tanks and lash every piece of equipment both on deck and down below, getting ready for the Drake Passage. We cleared customs this morning, picked up a few kilos of onions, (an item we missed on the list) and we intend to depart early tomorrow morning, hoping to utilize the steady SE wind that is forecasted. It is the final opportunity to stretch our legs so I will go for a run later this afternoon in attempt to keep up some of the fitness I gained over the previous few months of training.

At this time I am testing (once again) all the communication systems. This is the first update to be done on my computer and sent via satelite phone to Dean who is then transferring it to my blog. Aswell I will leave an audio voice message from Puerta William before we head off to face the Drake Passage. Ahh what does that passage of water have installed for us, I wonder.
Take care and I'll keep ya posted, Hayley


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, I will follow you with great interest...

Here a link about the Albatross:

From Philippe, a kayaker of the East (Sherbrooke, Qu├ębec)

Kerry said...

I am anxiously awaiting news of your journey. I know that you will be strong, courageous and we will see you soon.

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