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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

19 days until departure - Final preparations continue

Producer in the Bay For 7 days my documentary producer - Katie Mustard joined me here in Alert Bay to help establish the filming side of the expedition. -Video footage was recorded, interviews were taken, press releases were distributed, a film proposal was created, new camcorders (HDR-CX500) were tested and much much more. Please go to: to view some of the uncut, unedited video clips we have recently recorded. Last evening Jan 3rd, local Vancouver Island news station - Chek TV aired a piece on my up and coming South Georgia Expedition, including some older clips from my Van Isle and Haidi Gwaii solo sea kayaking journeys. They did a nice job and I got lots of Airtime! Click on and go to January 3rd news clip. My segment is about half way through. Countdown to departure Jan 4th I am currently working on vacume packing my homemade granola, testing my drogue in our prevailing 20 knot SE wind and learning how to operate my new watch, amongst other things.
Stay tuned for daily updates

Photo by Robin Quirk, Alert Bay Happy New Year!


Steve Weileman said...

Best of luck and can't wait for your adventure to being. BTW, went to your link to view the video footage and it's marked private.

Care to make it public?

Again, fair winds!

Simon said...

Best wishes for a successful adventure. Your video is marked Private so we can't see you!

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