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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Leaving ..... on a B.C Ferry

Departure Day from Alert Bay "All my bags are packed I'm ready to go, I'm standin' here outside my door" ..... don't mind me, I'm simply having a John Denver moment. Yep, my house has been relieved of the gear, gadgets and chaos, my van is full to the brim with what I intend to take to Argentina. Oh Air Canada, please be good to me. My three duffle bags weigh about 62 pounds each...yikes. I dare not give away the weight of my carry-on. I'm due to catch the 5.55pm ferry heading to Port McNeil on Vancouver Island. The aim is to get as far down south towards Victoria as possible. Thursday will be a busy day purchasing the final bits and pieces I was unable to get up in the north. I picked up the last of my mail which included a very generous donation from Frontiers North, the company I work for during the Polar Bear season in Churchill Manitoba So folks, the next time I blog I'll be in Ushuaia, Argentina with Beth-Anne, myself and all our gear having arrived safely. Looking forward to that. Cheers and thanks Hayley


Anonymous said...

God speed Hayley!
Here it goes!

LongBoat ShortBoat said...

Have a safe journey Hayley, we'll all be following your admirable journey from here in Victoria. Wishing the best of adventures.
~daniel~ (LBSB)

Kerry said...

I will be following you as often as you can write. I wish you a safe journey and God speed as well. Be strong girl!

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