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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hayley and Beth-Anne's farewell party Victoria B.C.

January 23

Well here we go! The moment has come and Hayley is on her way to South Georgia! My name is Dean and i will be maintaining Hayley's Blogs as best i can.

I drove Hayls to Victoria on Wed night, after a tearfull send off in Alert Bay with close friends. We did last minute shopping for gear all day Thurs. Thursday night we attended a fantastic and emotional send off /fundraiser party organized and hosted by Hayley's good friend Gerald Hartwig and April Dorey as well as superb catering by Brian and Betty. Thanks to the above mentioned for your generosity and hard work and support. (P.S. looking forward to the welcome home party! ;)

Many of Hayley's closest friends travelled from far off corners of B.C. to show their support and love. Hayleys family attended via Skype from New Zealand which was very touching as well. A very moving and intense moment came when a highly respected First Nations man by the name of George Me'Las Taylor performed a First Nations blessing for Hayley and Beth-Anne (watch video below)

Hayley has commented many times to me that this isnt a solo expedition, that without the hundreds of people who have contributed from great to small in a variety of ways, this could not have become a reality. So in many ways, this is "your" expedition as well.

Hayley as well as myself would like to thank everyone involved in making this expedition a reality. From the Sponsors to the people who donated what they could, as well as those who have, and continue to show their support with love and prayers...Thank You!

A special thank you to Hayley's parents for bringing such a bright and inspirational soul into this world. She has touched many people far and wide and will continue to do so with her overflowing zest for life and adventure, and her genuine compassion for people.

A big thanks to Beth-Anne for jumping on board at the last minute and helping with so much of the preparation. Having you as Hayley's right hand wo-man is greatly appreciated and she couldnt have anyone better than you to keep her safe.

Id like to take this opportunity to thank YOU Hayley, for being you. You are a true friend and you inspire us in countless ways. Your heart is filled with love and determination for what is true and it spills over to anyone who has the priviledge to know you. Be safe, be strong, stay warm, WE LOVE YOU!


Cowboygrrl said...

Thanks so much for sharing their "send-off."

Anonymous said...

no problem...did you watch the video?

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