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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Caretaking Knight Inlet Lodge

Glacial fed and 113km long, Knight Inlet winds it's way deep into the BC coastal mainland, an area that houses land mammals such as the Grizzly and Black bear. Although they are snoozing at this time of year the evidence of their existence is everywhere. Stomping trails, rub trees and day beds are seen in the area around Glendale Cove, where the ocean seeps into a river which meanders towards a manmade spawning channel, a spawning haven for Pink salmon. Every year from May until October the river is swarming with feasting Grizzly bears whom are making the most of this natural phenomenom - the very element that keeps British Columbia abundant with nutrients and wildlife. The terrific journey salmon make from their birthing grounds, out to the Pacific Ocean and back again to where they were born, is a natural wonder. I am here for two months, caretaking a lodge which, in the summer months is visited by hundreds of guests who are here to encounter the Grizzly Bear. I am also involved with monitoring the numbers of Pink salmon fry (baby salmon) leaving the stream to begin their magnificent journey. During my stay I will continue my preparation for South Georgia and utilize the very accessible ocean for kayak training, along with my very loyal companion, Finnigan. Take a peek at to see my home away from home!


Narama said...

Hey I recognize the photo of Finnegan ;) Glad that she is still comfy in a kayak, what a sweet paddling partner. Give her a squeeze from me.

Anonymous said...

lovely dog, you sound as if you are enjoying your adventures, my mum and dad are rapped to hear from you via face book, mum is also enjoying having easy contact with her big brother.Take care cus, love Yvonne

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