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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Up Coming Events

Victoria Boat show Feb 20th -22nd It was a great success! My booth was visited by many curious folk, loaded with important questions and comments. I raffled off one of my images and Arnie from Alberta was the lucky winner. He now has this very image poised on his Alberta wall. Good on ya Arnie.
The following presentations were viewed by those interested, some folk departed soon after the show an immediately went out looking to by their very first kayak!
A Maidens Voyage – Solo Sea Kayak Journey around Vancouver Island A Sacred Passage – Solo Sea Kayak Journey around Queen Charlotte Islands Boating Adventures in the Antarctic – Onboard a Russian Ship, exploring Antarctica by kayak
Thank you Canwest staff for all your help and support and to all those who came through my booth, good on you for taking an interest in the South Georgia Expedition and of course the majastic Albatross.
Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
Feb 20th - 28th
I was invited to present at the Paddle Evening of the film festical for 20 minutes, although I spoke for nearly 30 (oops, sorry Alan) on the evening of Feb 24th. It was an honour to be speaking along side extremely talented film makers such as our local videographer Bryan Smith. Thank you Alan for this opportunity and I can't wait to be involved once again with the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival with a documentary film to present on my South Georgia Expedition.
If anyone is interested in booking Hayley to do a presentation, please contact her at Thank you for your interest.
Using stunning images and entertaining story telling, Hayley will deliver a brief account of her solo sea kayak journey around Vancouver Island and the rich and wild coast of the remote Queen Charlotte Islands where her skills and courage were tested like they’ve never been before. This will be followed by a look into her next adventure, as she sets out to become the first person to attempt paddling alone around the storm torn Sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia for the Plight of the Albatross.

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Michael said...

I am rooting you on! The non-profit is a great idea. I am thinking on that. Good luck! (this is my brother's computer, so it is his email)

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