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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Knight Inlet, spring is approaching (yeah right) Photos by Dean Laar

Patience, Home Sweet Home, Glendale River
Although the clocks have been moved forward an hour, preparing for those warm, sweet scented spring evenings, things aren't going quite as expected. On our beloved float(s) in Glendale Cove the challenges of this chilly winter continue as our pipes remain frozen for the 4th day straight. In many ways we feel relieved that we are away from civilisation, coz out here, a week without a shower is the norm! Algae is forming at a slower rate on the salmon fry splitter and more fish seem to be passing through. Numerous Chums, Coho and little bitty Pink salmon fry have crossed our paths over the past few days, giving us hope and anticipation for more action as the days drift closer towards spring. The outside world literally feels a world away as we live our simple, nature based life here in the southern heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

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Anonymous said...

If you know how to contact Dean Laar, can you get him to email me at kellymkies on We are organizing a reunion for KPL employees. Thanks!

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