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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday morning at 11am I recieved a wonderful surprise when Hayley called me directly from South Georgia via her SAT phone. It was fantastic to hear her energetic voice even through the static and distortion. How amazing to think of the technology that enables a conversation between 2 people on opposite ends of the world.

It was a short conversation as her battery only had 1 bar left but she was able to tell me that she was in good spirits despite being beach bound. She had just finished dancing with king penguins on the beach (WoW) and has been reading lots to pass the time.

I asked her if she was keeping warm and sleeping ok. She said that the outdoor clothing from Kokatat is amazing and that she is staying cozy, and that she sleeps well except for the high winds that distort her tent and wake her.

Other than that Hayley wants to send out a hello and thank you to everyone. She will be getting fresh batteries when she meets up with the Northanger and will have more updates then.The weather looks fair for tomorrow and she hopes to be on the water then. The weather reports are not always accurate to the  real time conditions, and she said that she has struggled every inch of the way so far. I think that once she turns the top of the island and the wind is at her back that she will make up lots of time hopefully.

Thanks to Sally who has been working hard at finding new flights for Hayley and Beth-Anne, you ROCK!


Kerry said...

I am waiting for the wind to be at your back! I know that your patience may run thin at times, but you have so many people pulling for you, I know you will make it.!

steve said...

Hi Hayley,
I don't know what you think about your experiences as you go through life and why things happen. But being around nature I think you must feel reel emotion. If you get time listen to this and others she does.

steve said...

DGF said...

Hang in there the bad weather can't last forever. If it was easy it would not be as much fun.

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