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Monday, March 08, 2010

March 5, day 6 Hercules Bay

Crazy wind last night, no sleep but with SW 35 kn forecast today I stayed put caught up on sleep. Briefly saw Northanger, able to get new fuel and stove responded, yay haven't had hot food and drinks since 3 days ago. They had to rush off and get to Prince Olav, next secure anchor.

Good forecast tomorrow, will be on water at light and do the 20nm and try to make it to Prince Olav - exchange kayak , can't wait to be paddling my Necky.

Quiet on this beach, not so many Fur seals, however Southern Giant Petrels settle on beach to sleep throughout night.

Treated myself with 20 mins of music, a little escape as it snowed rained and blew for most of the day, thoughts of home, family, friends came to mind - suddenly felt so very far away.

Alls well, wanting to get some miles under me belt, that'l do wonders to my soul, although being safe n sound on this beach is divine too.

Wasn't able to charge batteries as Northanger could not stay. Will send this quick before I run out. More soon, xoxo


Anonymous said...

Always eagerly watching for your posts, Hayley.Such joy in Dean after your call.Fantastic to think of you dancing with penguins, cozy even with no heat,making the most of every moment. You are never alone! Your vicarious adventurers are watching over your shoulders. May fair winds be yours.

dad shep said...

good work hayley watched your progress last night.peter blake said "if it was'nt hard it wouldn't be worth doing" love from us all xxx dad

Simen said...

Hayley, we are watching avery move you make, really interresting to watch your progress. We are the "next in line" as we'll do the circumnavigation in November. We wish you all the best Hayls! Go on, stay safe! best regards Simen Havig-Gjelseth

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