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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Farewell Friendly Falklands

As we sat in our cozy galley, a rack of lamb roasting in the gimbaled stove, a customs officer browsed through our passports and paperwork and questioned, “you are going to South Georgia right?”.
I reply, “Sorry can you repeat the question?”, after having heard it quite clearly the first time.
“Are you going to South Georgia?” he repeated. “Yes, yes yes”, I joyfully announced, with a grin as wide as the Atlantic stretched across my face.
By 4.30pm we were cleared but still able for 12 hours to freely move about Stanley. We decided to have an easy dinner and made reservations at the Narrows Bar, a place Beth-Anne and I now call 'our local' Unfortunately we didn't bring Chris the manager all that much business, he was generous enough to allow us to take up room and use his wireless free of charge. I think he made a profit from all the cheesey chips (fries) I consumed, with my aim of trying to put on a few extra pounds before being at sea for the next 5 days.

Earlier this morning, the local news reporter came down to the boat and interviewed me about our recent good fortune of finding a suitable crew member. By midday, all radio listening locals new that the Northanger would soon be on her way to South Georgia. 
Brian was soon moved on board and settling into his bunk, borrowed jeeps and one remaining kayak were returned and Beth-Anne and I had a final workout in the gym and swimming pool. 

By 0630 tomorrow morning we should have lines released, bumpers on deck and engine warmed ready to propel us out of this friendly harbor.

At this time I would like to thank all those keen and willing people who offered to fly to Stanley and crew for us. I was overwhelmed with your offers, bless all your spontaneous, adventurous spirits.

And once again to all those here in the Falkland Islands - we look forward to seeing you at the end of March when we return from our voyage.  Your kindness and friendship has touched all of us and we are thankful to have met you all. 

From now on - blog updates and audio broadcasts will be done by satellite phone and the tracking device will be turned on and tracking our progress. We anticipate the voyage to take 5 days arriving in South Georgia around February 20/21st, I will be paddling soon after.  As you can imagine I am absolutely busting to be sitting in my Necky kayak - dipping that Werner paddle in the water completely and utterly surrounded by the scenes and sounds of South Georgia Island. Wahooooo!!!

Welcome aboard Brian, and thank you Lin for giving us your husband!


Kerry said...

Yay! Can't wait to see the updates from So. Georgia. I know this is going to be a fabulous journey, from here on out. When the going gets tough, the tough turn pro. Happy Paddling Hayls. XOXO

steve said...

Keep it as "cheesy chips" Hayley cheesy fries sounds a bit posh, and you can't be posh where cheesy chips are concerned! x


Chappers, Chaps, Chapstick said...

Way to go Hayley, I shouldn't be surprised that you managed to make it work and found another skipper but I was.

Fantastic - I can imagine how hard that must of been to have the whole trip in the balance.

Smooth seas, will be following daily from here on out.

Ka kite ano,

Paul x

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What kind of devices where you wanting to see kate? I can tell you what Hayley is using as far as equipment.

LComerford said...

Hey!!!! I know those two salty sea dogs! They're my adventurous parents.So great that you're keeping a Blog of all this. Good luck on your travels! Laura ;o)

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