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Monday, February 15, 2010



Hello to Alert Bay from 3 Alert Bayites in the Falkland Islands


Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to hear your voice. We look for your updates each day all day long. We wish you calm seas. James and Claudia

Anonymous said...

Hello Hayley. It is great to hear that the winds are changing in favour of South Georgia. Yippee! Hello from all the kids at the T'School. My students are regularly checking into your site to see what's happening. Hi to Heidi and Steven and Jared. That's wonderful that they are there with you at this critical time. Love to you and may all your winds be favourable from this day forward. Love Lina

Anonymous said...

Hello Hayley, Heidi and Jared!!!!

So absolutely bloody fantastic to hear your voices and surreal to think of the three of you together there. My world shook a little.

Huge, huge thanks to Dean for alerting me that there was a shout out for the Young Naturalists.

Thank you so much for this, for bringing them into your adventure, your ethics and your passion for the natural world.

Fare thee well!


Sherry said...

Wonderful News!!! And lovely to hear Heidi's voice as well! Also didn't realize that Beth Anne was Jake's daughter - I saw him the other day - worked with him for several years. Bon Voyage!

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