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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thoughts of home at this desperate time

Over the last few days my thoughts have been entirely of home. Aotearoa - the land of the long white cloud, my homeland of New Zealand.

Tragedy has hit in the large city of Christchurch, my university city where as a student I lived and played.
The historical buildings where once I attended school are in ruins with people still trapped beneath the rubble of concrete, metal and other debris.

Some of my friends are now homeless and others I still have yet to hear from. I am thankful that my family live in the North Island and they are all ok but they too have friends who have suffered.
There are people here in BC that have loved ones living and studying in Christchurch. They too have gone through the toughest times and so far all have made contact with family in Canada.

Christchurch is vulnerable and those living in the area are very much so. With no water, no sewage, no electricity or a means to communicate with the outside world, many are heading to safety in areas north or south of the city.

Whomever you pray to or give thanks to, please take a moment and spare a few thoughts, send good energy and strength to all those in New Zealand.  Thank You!

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Thom said...

I hope all's weel with you r family & freinds.

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