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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to Reality

April 14th
Last week I thought I had brought South Georgia home with me when Alert Bay experienced their first snow fall of the winter.  Yep, 3 times it snowed last week and this week I am struttin about in shorts and a t-shirt!

Aswell, I am becoming the worlds best procrastinator due to these gorgeous sunny days we are having.  I can't bring myself to sit inside and tap away at my computer, however that is where I need to be to get my 'Things To Do' list accomplished.

I find myself gardening, cleaning out my shed and talking to New Zealand family on the phone while lounging on an outside chair.  I even power washed (water blasted) my deck and concrete path!  Anything to keep me from going inside. Hence why I have not posted a blog update for a wee while.  I apologise for that.

However in the next few days I NEED to send out a post expedition press release, telling the media far and wide 'The Adventures of my Solo South Georgia attempt'.  I would like to alert the world of the presentations I will be doing, the book I am about to start writing and the film that Katie and I will be working on. I would like to start establishing venues and slide show dates to begin a presentation tour to take place this early fall.

In the mean time.....
-I am hoping to recruit some keen Alert Bay kids, who would like to be introduced to kayaking with the idea that they paddle/train with me working towards entering into the Alert Bay 360 - a kayak race around Cormorant Island taking place in July.
-I am in the process of deciding what 'type' of book I intend on writing and will begin a book outline (once the rain begins to fall) and send it off to my publisher.
-I am in the process of labelling EVERY clip I recorded with my high definition video camera (yikes what a job).
-It is time to start pitching article ideas to magazines.
-I would like to get some photos sent off to sponsors so they can begin reaping the benefits of their generosity.
-And then I have to pay off my debt.  I am thankful to know a few people whom require their lawns to be mowed, weeds to be pulled and the odd job to be done about their homes.  Until my job with Strait Watch begins I will pick up some local work inbetween my things to do list.

I am not sure many people are still popping onto my blog for a looksee.  I intend to keep it going as a means to keep you all informed of the 'post expedition' progress and to alert you of when and where slide shows are occurring. So don't forget about me or the Albatross just yet :)  Take care and thanks for your interest.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... keep us informed... Ciao !

Anonymous said...

I know a great book editor. She's and editor for college textbooks (McGraw-Hill). She does private work too if you need that kind of help.

Thanks for all the great pics and sharing of your adventure.

Kerry said...

Thanks for the post expedition information. I know it will come to pass in time. I am getting ready for my trip and you are on my mind frequently. I may not have a computer while on the ship, so the blog may have to wait till I return, but that is why they invented paper and pens. Take care.

Shearwater said...

definitely still reading! :)

Lee said...

Still popping in Hayley! Look forward to hearing about the writing process as well....I'm procrastinating one myself!


Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve said...

Hey Hayley, keep um coming hun x

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