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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Update – March 14th, Day 15, Prince Olav Harbor

Wow, to know of a storm approaching and watch the weather simmer then suddenly witness with our very eyes the storms arrival. It slapped us and the surrounding area hard. The boat had a rocking motion as though we were at sea and the waves crashing on the shore could be heard from within the soundproof salon. And then by late afternoon, as though it was only a dream, all was calm, the storm had dissipated only hours after it's arrival. How absolutely fascinating.

It was a day to get gear sorted. Wanting to paddle and camp as much as possible during my last few days here in South Georgia, I used this day to pack my other gear and dry my expedition equipment. A dry sleeping bag and tent for my last two nights camping on the shores of South Georgia will be a luxury.

Tomorrow, with a tail wind we will head out and travel south, hopefully reaching Ocean Harbor by 4.00pm in the afternoon. Ocean Harbor, Godthul and Cobblers Cove are three landings I would like to approach and two I will be camping at leading my way back North to King Edward Point in Cumberland Sound. I intend to meet up with the Northanger who will be anchored near Grytviken on the evening of the 17th in preparation for the arrival of the Prince Albert II the following day. Beth-Anne and I will be soon whisked away by ship while Magnus, Brian and Keri prepare for their own open ocean crossing, leaving the next day bound for Stanley.

Here in the protective bay of Prince Olav Harbor, it was a calm and placid evening as the skies cleared. A gorgeous sunset complimented the glassy seas which had the residue of the past storm as the swell undulated gently beneath our hull.

By tomorrow I will more than ready to get back in my kayak, alone once again to completely saturate myself in all of South Georgia's glory for my last three days remaining. Ahh just the thought of saying goodbye brings tears to my eyes and a tug at my heart. It is during this expedition that I have only just begun to realize just what this island means to be and what it does to me. I've known it since our first meeting 11 years ago, but as I write this, and as I playback my 14 days of aloneness where I've journeyed beside the shores of the island I can't begin to fathom actually pulling away from this isolated, rugged, mountainous island and say goodbye to a place whose treasures will remain a mystery to me.


Kerry said...

In honor of your strength and bravery, I went kayaking in southern California. Though there was no wind to speak of and the sun was beating down on me, I wanted to experience a bit of the andventure! Can't wait for your documentary to show us what it was really like!

Jenny said...

It would be great to spend a holiday at Cobblers Cove Barbados. It's such an amazing place.

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