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Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21st

On our 2nd day at sea Beth-Anne and I continue to appreciate our mode of transport as we steam forward into 40 knots of wind on our nose and current against us. Even in this vessel we have been pitching in steep, mountainous seas, emphasized by our cabin which is forward on the 7th deck.

I spent most of yesterday downloading video footage, putting together my presentation and catching up on journal entries and some sleep. My body alarm is still on early wake-up mode, I am wide awake at 5.30am every single morning. I have woken up a few times, completely confused as to where I am and wondering "why on earth is it so darn quiet?".

How absolutely fantastic that I got completely used to the delightful animal sounds while camping on the soil of South Georgia.

This morning I did a presentation for the passengers. A 'hot off the press' first account of my 'Solo Sea Kayak Attempt of South Georgia Island' for the Albatross. Although it was rough out and the movement of the ship was rather significant, it was a good turn out and the presentation was well received.

I have come to realise that it is rather a good fit, spontaneously catching a ride back on the Prince Albert II, as the Prince Albert II foundation is very much involved with the 'Save the Albatross Campaign, amongst other environmental projects. I hope to learn more about what they are involved in once I am able to return to the land of 'Googling'.

Beth-Anne and I are preparing our short stop in Stanley. While the passengers will be seeing Stanley for the first time, we will be dashing about in search of a safe and friendly place to leave the two kayaks, for potential pick up in November. As well we have people to track down to sign 'appearance releases' and salt n vinegar chips to purchase, amongst other important things. We are bound to stop in and see Chris at our old local 'The Narrows' for a pint of guiness, cheesey chips and perhaps a Skype call to our loved ones. I am sure family will be relieved to hear our voices before heading to sea for the final day, bound for Ushuaia.

I spoke with Robin, the expedition leader onboard and I was delighted to hear that we will be spending an entire day doing two landings, one at a Black Browed Albatross colony! On the edge of a tussock cliff ledge, thousands and thousands of nesting Albatross perched on their solid mud basket like nests will be only meters away from where we stand to witness such a scene. I am so excited to have this fortune.

I finally found my tracker, it was lost in my luggage since leaving Grytviken. I have reset it so hopefully it is picking up our position and now tracking our progress, sorry for the delay with that.
Thanks everyone, I'll keep keeping you posted. Take care, H

Thanks everyone, I'll keep keeping you posted. Take care, H

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Anonymous said...

What an idyllic taxi ride "home".

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