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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Sincere Thank You!

As we wait for the Penguin News to come out on Friday, advertising for a crew member - our final attempt at getting to South Georgia, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported us throughout this recent situation.

When it first happened calls were made to people and help was immediately given:
-INGLE INSURANCE - the only insurance company I have ever met who are fair, honest and helpful!
-Debbie and Jacqui Summers - Local gals with all the connections!
-Kate and Hamish - detailed weather info to guide us to the Falklands.
-Dr Graeme Magor - Crucial medical advice and good humor at a time of need.
-Dr Roland from Stanley Hospital - more well needed medical advice.
-The Custom Officers who met and cleared us promptly upon our arrival.
-All the friendly, kind people at the Stanley hospital.
-Janice Dent who has opened up her home and lent us her jeep, kind lovely lady
-Chris at the Narrows Bar for his patience, internet access and cheesey chips.
-Maurice and Debra - Seamen's Mission for laundry, showers and book trading.
-Ken Passerfield for friendship, jeep rides and delicious dinners
-Steve Dent for warm hospitality, fab dinner, charts n kayaks n info n contacts

To Everyone from the Falkland Islands - you are forever friendly and helpful and kind at a time of need.

To all of you who are following my blog, writing comments and sending emails, passing on words of encouragement and sending hope and best wishes.  THANK YOU !

To Beth-Anne for your patience, your shoulder, your ear and words of calm and consistent wisdom.  I am so grateful you are here.

The expedition will continue!  Due to the time ticking, the summer ending, the weather windows closing -we have decided that Saturday is the deadline to find a suitable crew member.  In the mean time I am starting to work on logistics for the possible attempt at circumnavigating the Falkland Islands to help Save the Albatross. 


Kerry said...


I am ever hopeful that whatever plan God has in mind for you will be the best. Wherever you go, however you get there, the albatross will be front and center in your heart and mind. I am sure, without any doubts that you are bringing the plight of the albatross to the world.

Narama said...

fingers crossed that you get someone and can continue! All the best for Gregs speedy recovery. Paddling Falklands sounds like an amazing "concession" trip!

Luv Heidi (from Ushuaia!)

Ange said...

Courage Hayley... Boldness does have power and magic in it! Just found out about you and with you all the way (in spirit).

Kevin and Maureen said...

Hayley, Love you lots, thinking about you each day.
- Kevin & Maureen

Anonymous said...

Have been with you in spirit ever since I found out about your plans to circumnavigate South Georgia on an Arctic cruise 18 months ago.Best wishes and good luck what ever the outcome. My thoughts are with you.

Fiona, UK

Anonymous said...

The Altmiks family is thinking of you everyday. Our fingers are crossed, and our love is with you. Safe travels!

Jordan, Robyn, and little Neeva

Ivette said...

I came across your blog today. What an amazing story sofar. I hope everybody is going to be ok. I am confinced it will all work out.

Good luck to you all.


Sherry said...

Sitting here on pins and needles waiting to find out what happens next! Wishing you all well!

Iceland Circumnavigation said...

All the Best of luck, Hayley!!

If it is not too late and you still need a crew member, email me at marcusdemuth at, and I will fly down from NYC asap.

Marcus Demuth

squamish chris said...

The rain beats hard on my deck as the outflow wind whips the sound into a furry....... as I paddled about Howe Sound today I thought of you. My canadian winter a kinder and friendiery version of your southern summer. Your vision and perseverence warms my heart and puts into perspective the billion dollars of olympic security that slides by my door. Fate always gives us what we need ...... strength and good luck Hayley.

Biff said...

Hayley, sorry to hear about Greg's medical issues, glad he is safely in Stanley. I am wishing for a captain for you so you can continue your adventure. Stay focused, strong, happy, peaceful, and courageous.
Biff Wruszek

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