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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Feb 4th Report

Hello folks, I received an email from Hayley today. Looks like that storm has hit them hard, to the point of being unable to set sails. So they sit in the South Atlantic doing a meager 3knots pitching and rolling like a cork with the waves and wind.
Hayley tells me that she has been seasick for 2 days, unable to hold much food or water down, and is feeling cramped and uncomfortable. Yet, dispite the discomfort, she still has the "what an adventure" attitude. Hayley just sent a quick email as she is finding it very hard to type anything while feeling so sick and with the boat pitching and rolling. Here is that email...

"K, won't do an update, feel too queezy...
Just write, hove to over night, aailed with the wind earlry morning, hoving to again coz the wind has got too strong. Puking, feel like shit, feel trapped in this small space, apppreciate the sturdiness of the boat and that it is built for such seas, but not really into it. Cramped body, sick stomach can't eat or drink much but boy it's an adventure. We are just getting smacked by this nasty system which is sticking around - barometre dropped 14 millibars in 1 hour and 20 mins that's HUGE...ok so I wrote an update..."


Kerry said...

Poor Haley, drink water, keep yourself hydrated. I am pulling for you. Hopefuly the storm will pass soon.

Shearwater said...

Sorry to hear you're struggling with the seasickness. Just remember everyone is really admiring this true adventure and your amazing adventurous spirit. Keep it up and look forward to those kayak days in S.Georgia!

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