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Friday, February 26, 2010



Does anyone have connections or contacts for AEROPLAN or Air Canada, or would anyone be willing to donate or lend AEROPLAN POINTS to two desperate kayakers? Here's why I am urgently asking.

Having funded the majority of this expedition myself, by taking a hefty loan out from my bank (one of those decisions one makes when determined to carry out a long-lived dream), I had to be fairly thrifty with my spending....Therefore I flew Beth-Anne and I to Ushuaia, and return from Stanley using my Aeroplan points. Due to the unexpected delay and dramas that have occurred and needing enough time to attempt this Sth Georgia kayak circumnavigation it is only possible if I am able to change our flights to a later departure. Right now we are due to fly out of Stanley March 20th. YIKES!

I have our dear friend Sally onto it and each day she calls Aeroplan to try and change our flights. Aeroplan only has a few seats designated to them therefore we are having trouble changing our flights.

I decided, while in this fairly expedition-desperate state to build up the courage and put it out there to all our loyal followers the need for either a donation of Aeroplan points which will allow us to purchase a higher priced seat which are showing available. And if we end up getting an economy seat after all, we can simply return your aeroplan points back to you.

For now it is important we have seats changed and booked so we then know how much time I have to work with to complete this kayak expedition, as well as plan our departure back to Stanley.

If you have any contacts with Aeroplan or Air Canada or spare points kicking around which you would be willing to kindly donate, Beth-Anne, the crew, myself and the Albatross would be extremely grateful.

Please contact Dean at: and he will take it from there. Thanks Dean, Sally for dealing with this matter, you guys are the best.

Excuse me for being cheeky, I am simply taking all measures to make this dream a reality. And thanks once again for everyones interest and support.


Kerry said...

I have sent an email to Rupert Duchesne, who is the CEO of Aeroplan and outlined your problems. I hope he has a heart. I don't know if it will help, but I tried! I sent a copy to Dean as well. I sincerely hope that this problem will be solved like all the rest and you will be able to complete your trip. Hope to hear good news soon.

Sherry said...

If that doesn't work, I have quite a few points and would happily send them your way - will contact Dean.

Shearwater said...

So glad you've made it so far. I am eagerly following your progress and blog updates. Emailed Dean about sending you some Aeroplan points.

LComerford said...


Sorry I can't help with your travel plans I am afraid. I was wondering if I could be really cheeky and ask you to pass on a message to Brian and tell him Hi and send my love. You've already met my Mum I think? Fingers crossed that you get those flights changed and best of luck for the rest of your adventure!!!!

Laura (Lin and Brian's daughter)

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