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Friday, February 19, 2010

Day #3 at Sea

February 19th, Day 3 at Sea

I woke for my watch at around 0345 and noticed the engine was humming nicely. “The wind must have dropped” I thought as I pulled myself out of my coffin bunk. When I slipped into my bunk late last night the sails were up and the wind was filling them nicely. I climbed halfway out of the hatch and gazed out to the horizon noticing smooth swell undulating below the steel hull of the Northanger. About 6 Shearwaters foraged on the nearby oceans surface, dipping their feet ever so slightly into the chilling Southern Sea utilizing the gentle lift offered by the gravity of this open ocean swell.

The day drifted by as we motored for most of the day, doing a steady 5.8 knots.

The highlight was when Magnus presented a cheese and onion toasted sandwich fresh off the grill and my stomach was settled enough to indulge.

As well, when doing the routine checks outside, keeping a close eye out for ice and other vessels, feeling as though we are the only mammals to be seen for miles and suddenly being surprised to see bow riding dolphins appearing from nowhere in the middle of nowhere.

I was able to catch up on my journal writing, read up on my Sth G notes written by the Adventure Philosophy boys, who in 2005 were the first to complete the first ever seakayak circumnavigation. I even read through my video-graphy notes compiled by producer Katie, making sure I have in my head the kind of footage required to produce a film. I made use of the engine running and topped up all my batteries. It definitely is going to be one of the most gadget dominated expeditions I have ever done, something I will just have to get used to.
By 0300 Feb 20th we will be half way to South Georgia, however leading up to that milestone is a building system coming from the SW which intends to dish out 40 – 45 knots of wind. It will be a bumpy 12 hours as this feisty system moves through.

Keri is making the most of the remaining calm and is cooking up a fish stew in the pressure cooker, something we can eat over the next few days. I'm keeping my eating habits rather simple. This morning for breakfast I simply opened up a can of baked beans and ate them cold, straight from the tin.

Beth-Anne is doing much better on this crossing. She was up this afternoon, well semi-sitting and knitting with the gorgeous array of silk-like wool she bought in Ushuaia. She sends a special hello to her mum Joyce and dad Jake. All is well as we journey onwards to South Georgia.

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Kerry said...

Sounds like you are on your way! Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly.

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