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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A quick message from Ushuaia

Hi everyone,
We are experiencing warm and sunny conditions at present, as well as consistant strong wind which is typical of this area. The Beagle channel acts as a funnel and causes wind to gather speed as it moves through this 60nm narrow passage which leads to the Drake Passage.

Today has been a systems shake down. We have activated the tracking device and it has me positioned right where I am (Ushuaia Yacht club) phew. Aswell I was able to test my Iridium satelite phone (kindly lent to us by Nature Trek) and an email message was successfully sent (using the sat phone) to Dean who is kindly doing my blog updates.

I finally found Vencino Blanca (white gas) for my msr stove and made a fine cuppa tea as I broke the new stove in. My water filter works like a charm and my tent and I survived while trying to set it up in these Ushuaian winds. The Northanger received provisions today so we are stacked with fresh vegies and other goodies for the next 2 months.

Beth-Anne and I, for the first time, attended a Robbie Burns celebration dinner on a neighbouring sailboat. Mash spuds and turnips were served along with a delicious vegetarain Haggis - it was absolutely delicious. It is these times that I wished I had the taste for whisky, but nope, not me, so I toasted the famous poet with a glass of Malbec wine from Argentina.

We depart Jan 28th, so tomorrow is our last day to ensure we have absolutely everything we need and that all systems have been checked for 100% performance. The butterflies in my tummy have yet to start flying in formation but I am certain once at sea, my focus will be directly on the task at hand - that is, sailing safely across the Drake Passage to South Georgia Island.

At this time I would like to thank Alicia who has been kind enough to open her home, give up her bed for Beth-Anne and I while we are in Ushuaia. Alicia you are a sweetheart and another special 'Mother of the World' whom all other mothers and daughters appreciate.

Cheers, Hayley


Anonymous said...

Hayley---say hi to the butterflies for me--what great companions they will be! Blessings to you!

Kerry said...

Love you and God speed Hayley.

James said...

Good luck Hayley. We will follow you on your most daring adventure. God Speed and Calm Waters. James & Claudia.

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