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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


To ensure the South Georgia Expedition takes place, I have recently secured a bank loan to go towards the cost for the Mandatory support vessel required by British Law, just in case I am not successful in gaining sufficient sponsorship.
The South Georgia 'Kayaking to Save the Albatross' Expedition is happening this coming January!
The job I have right now is perfect. I spend up to 7 hours a day kayaking many miles of our gorgeous BC coastline, talking to paddlers along the way. My job is to monitor kayak movements around the resident killer whales who spend the summer months feasting on salmon which are migrating up rivers where they were born a number of years ago. I offer interpretive talks about the whales and the region aswell I educate people on the best way to view the killer whales without interfering with their daily routine and lives. I am based in Alert Bay which is where I live, rather unique and refreshing actually working from my home. I will continue to update my blog, keeping you posted as the South Georgia Expedition departure draws near. It's all training and preparing from here! Cheers and thanks for your interest Hayley


Steve Weileman said...

Great news! Glad you're trip is back on.

Kerry said...

So happy to hear the trip will finally happen. I am rooting for you and will be following you every step of the way. Sending out lots of love and strength!

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