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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

South Georgia Expedition Financial Funding Goal

*Having gained permission from the British Government to Kayak Around South Georgia! *Having gathered expedition equipment from my generous gear sponsors! *Having rigged, readied and shipped my Necky Looksha IV kayak to Ushuaia, Argentina! *Having the sailing vessel Northanger, owners and crew on standby ready to be the mandatory support team! There is Only One thing left to accomplish, in order to turn this dream into a reality......... *Funds to pay for the Mandatory Support Vessel. -For two years I have written numerous proposals to various companies, foundations and organizations applying for grants. I have yet to be successful with these attempts. HOWEVER - there is a group of people whom I want to sincerely thank for their generosity and continual support and interest.
My friends, family and past passengers and guests have given me the courage to continue working towards my dream of Kayaking around South Georgia Island for the Plight of the Albatross.
Thank you for donating towards the financial goal to pay for the
mandatory support vessel.
My Financial Goal is: $45,000 Donations so far: -$261.00 May 27th from SISKA (South Island Sea Kayak Assosciation) -$4,508.10 donations made through my website from friends and fellow adventurers! -$1150.00 of personal cheques donated by friends, family and fellow adventurers! -$1150.00 August 09' donations -$20,000 bank loan -$1100 September 09' donations TOTAL DONATIONS SO FAR - $8169.10 and a $20,000 bank loan which makes $16.831 to go!

Thank you for your generosity, support and interest

1 comment:

John Gunter said...

Hi Hayley,

If the trip occurs in 2010, you can count on $1000 from Frontiers North Adventures!

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